Hello, nice to see you.

Well, this is me. I usually ware glasses and live in Ljubljana. “She likes to draw stuff”, my mother would say. This is because I would find the first opportunity to avoid being social with my mothers friends and chatty aunties. From early on I would disappear for hours with a piece of paper and some crayons.

In recent years I worked closely with branding masters in design studios Armada and Luks. I co-created some identities and products for large or small Slovenian companies and brands. In summer 2012, I finally decided to create my own brand and designed my own products. Products I wrapped in imagery and patterns that you might find familiar. My inspiration is drawn from memories of the past. Let’s call it nostalgia.

 You can go ahead and send me an email. I love getting them. You can drop me a line if you have a business proposal or if you just wanna say hi.

And check back soon!